Oil Filters

Any engine performance requires an oil filter as engine dirt is the primary cause that results into engine failures. Sometimes, engines consist of dust and various other particles drawn in through air intake due to oil degradation.

Oil filters are manufactured absolutely from selected raw materials like such as rustproof metal, long lasting plastic, durable paper and rubber sealants. We, at Luboil filter employs advanced method for the manufacturing of oil filters.

Luboil filters not only fit the same way as original filters, they utilize an exclusive blend of natural and synthetic materials in the media for superior oil filtration and increased engine protection. Good filtration is the key to prevent from failures and costly repairs caused by engine dirt.

Our oil filters offer outstanding filter capacity, consistent flow management and enhanced efficiency which helps in providing exceptional filtering performance.

Luboil filters are engineered specifically using high quality components:

  • Pressure relief valve: When it’s cold outside or if the filter becomes clogged, oil flow through the filter can be reduced. If this happens, the relief valve opens to provide a continuous oil supply.
  • Anti drain back valve: This feature keeps oil in the filter to prevent “dry starts” after your engine has been turned off. It is manufactured with specially formulated material resists the aging effects that an engine’s heat can cause.