Air Filters

An effective and clean air filter helps in protecting your engines from costly damage and repairs. Air filters are designed to achieve high virtually unrestricted air flow while maintaining filtration levels critical to ensure long engine life.

Basically the purpose of air filters is to filter out airborne particles such as dust particles, pollen, mist and others before they reach the engine. Having a car is just not enough; it’s about driving and with an efficient air filter you can drive mile after mile and know your engine is being protected.

Luboil filters use more expensive compounds like silicone rather than foam or rubber gaskets in order to assure a proper seal under harsh conditions. There are many components to consider when selecting air filters. One of the most important elements is a type of sealing gaskets.

Even the smallest dust particles can damage cylinder walls, piston rings and can cause premature engine wears.Luboil filters play a vital role in preventing foreign particles like soot, dust and abrasives from entering in your fuel and damaging your engine.


  • Excellent filtration and dependable protection for long engine life.
  • Designed to increase power and acceleration.
  • High flow air filters designed to improve engine performance.