Hydraulic Filters

Hydraulic filter are an important part of hydraulic systems. Metal particles are continually produced by mechanical components and often used to solve contamination problems such as removing water from oil. A cross reference allows you to quickly match replacement filters for your specific situation. Filters may be positioned in many locations. The filter may be located between the reservoir and the pump intake. Blockage of the filter will cause cavitations and possibly failure of the pump. Sometimes the filter is located between the pump and the control valves. This arrangement is more expensive, since the filter housing is pressurized, but eliminates cavitations problems and protects the control valve from pump failures. The third common filter location is just before the return line enters the reservoir. This location is relatively insensitive to blockage and does not require a pressurized housing, but contaminants that enter the reservoir from external sources are not filtered until passing through the system at least once. Features:

  • Solve contamination problems such as removing water from oil
  • A unique combination of proven technology and innovative design that translates directly into reliable performance and enhanced uptime