Fuel Filters

Luboil filters offers a full line of fuel filters that provide the highest fuel cleansing efficiency and capacity by trapping the harmful contaminants like dust, soot and rust before they reach out to your vehicle’s fueling system. Fuel filters functions as a heavy duty filtering media of a high pressure canister holding your engine fuel.

Trouble-free engine operation and protection against wear and corrosion are guaranteed by the optimum reliability of our fuel filter throughout the entire service interval. If any large particle managed to get in the fuel, that could cause some serious damage to the engine. Therefore maintaining a clean fuel filter is important to the performance of a vehicle’s engine.

Dirty and blocked fuel filters can severely compromise your car performance or damage it by clogging the carburetor or fuel injectors. Fuel moves through the filter to the throttle body supplying the engine with fuel at its finest form resulting to peak combustion efficiency and minimized if not eliminated fuel wastage.


  • Longer life and reduced cost.
  • Technologically advanced fuel filtration systems.